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Who We Are

Parma Spray got its start in the early 2000s, when its three founders went into entrepreneurship with the aim of becoming a point of reference in the field of metal coatings. Being at the forefront of technology has always been the key feature of the know-how of a company that today has 20 employees, and that, as well as boasting an innovative and dynamic work environment, is now establishing itself as a high-expertise firm across the country. We have been satisfying with success the necessities of clients coming from different fields such as oil and gas, mechanical, petrochemical, textile, and paper for ten-plus years.

Our values reflect those of a business relentlessly looking at the advancements made by engineering sciences and innovation in the field of new technologies. The approach we take toward what we do demonstrates a bias for quality and utility, goals we strive ti achieve through our daily efforts.
Metal coating is a process requiring a right balance between theoretical knowledge, practical know-how, fieldwork and domain expertise. All traits Parma Spray racked up over years of hard work, errors, analysis and improvement; and that today are made available to the client in our headquarter located in Varano de’ Melegari, Parma, in the middle of the world-renowned Emilia Romagna’s Motor Valley.
We can closely oversight all stages of the overall coating process, which is crucial to maintaining a high level of our standardized production methods and an unvarying quality in each stage. Our functional coatings may be applied upon the vast majority of existing metals to change the surface properties of the substrate, such as adhesion, wetability, corrosion resistance, or wear resistance.
A shrewd organization of company’s internal structure has also helped us to achieve increasingly better results, meeting even the most demanding requests and having back big satisfactions both personally and professionally